How to use YouTube Completely Anonymously

Despite having a YouTube channel, most of my actual YouTube viewing is done on 2 separate platforms entirely. I figured I'd write a short little article on this software, since some people would probably really enjoy the features which both offer. Everything mentioned here is free and open-source software.

FreeTube (Desktop)

FreeTube is a desktop client for YouTube, which gives you access to all features without having to log in to a Google account. Using FreeTube, you can watch videos, subscribe, make playlists, and view comments all without the need to use an actual YouTube account. This is ideal for somebody who does not upload videos or comment too much. I typically sign in on a browser just to upload videos, and sometimes to comment if a video really speaks to me enough to warrant doing so. Otherwise, I am using FreeTube.

Invidious (Desktop/Mobile)

Invidious is a collection of sites which allow you to Watch YouTube videos privately without the need for an account. Invidious also allows background play from Safari on iOS, a feature which the real Youtube started blocking and charging money for, which is fucking ridiculous. I personally only use invidious for the rare times that I am using my mobile device, or when i want to send a video link to somebody else.

NewPipe (Android)

NewPipe is an Android client for YouTube which offers similar features to FreeTube. You are able to subscribe, create playlists, and watch videos without signing in. Also, like FreeTube, you are unable to comment on videos using this software.