Welcome To TWH.

Hello, and welcome to my home on the web. It is a tad fancier than I initially planned it to be. In an attempt to start reducing my web presence, I will be consolidating all of my web necessities to this website. Below, you will find that I am working this site into my own personal alternative to social media. The posts are like tweets, the photos are like Instagram, and the other pages are various articles. As I delete myself from more places around the world wide web, I tend to create alternatives for them here in my own site. Despite being a dark mode hater (it strains my eyes), I have made this website white on black so that the ASCII is more easily visible to new viewers

Outside of watching shows/YouTube and downloading music, I spend most of my online time on Gemini, rather than the web. If you are curious about what that means, you can read about it below, in the article I have written. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the topics on this site, feel free to send me an email at twhjp@protonmail.ch!



While this page will likely be the new homepage soon, expect many changes beforehand. I am hoping someone can help me seperate a mobile version from this page. I will be re-colouring the old layout for use as a mobile version of this site.

Links will not work here.