Please, STOP Using Google Chrome!

Google Chrome, fast as it may be, is a browser of monopoly and is a privacy nightmare (though that is a story for another day). This writing seeks to convince you to switch away from it, and explains why you should. For starters, Google Chrome engages in monopolistic practices. One example being that Google's webapps, such as Meet, Hangouts, and Classroom, did not allow compatibility with Firefox until 2018. While Google did eventually clean up their act, it was only after years of community efforts and struggle to keep these things working in their preferred browser. On top of this, Google Chrome is about to implement a nightmarish feature: FLoC. FLoC is a software to be implemented in future versions of Chrome. While I could explain it all here, I will summarise for the sake of your attention span. FLoC watches your web browsing habits, and without your permission, makes an account of sorts for you in a large database of people. From here, it categorizes your interests together, and serves you advertisements, based on those similar interests. Keep in mind, this is for the sole purpose of Google's profit as well, not your convenience. The unfortunate truth is that most people, while not even comfortable showing their parents or friends their browsing habits, are more than okay with sharing their browsing history with Google employees.

If you want a less privacy-concerning reason, just take a look at Neocities. The entire web used to be like Neocities, full of creativity, personality, and individualism. Google, along with Apple and Microsoft, started pushing the heavy use of both flat design and proprietary javascript. This is why YouTube went from having a fully customisable channel background (and themeable colours) to being a flat white page which loads slowly in comparison to most websites. Mozilla on the other hand (The nonprofit behind Firefox), supports the message of a free and open web (though they have been lacking a bit lately). By using Google Chrome, you are not only giving up your fundamental right to privacy, but also supporting one of the corporations which actively lends a hand in killing the free internet in order to maximise their profits. This is ironic, considering Google Search was a pioneer of the modern web as well.

Below, I have made a list of web browsers for people of every type that I can personally recommend using over Google Products. I strongly hope you will consider switching to a new browser, at the very least. Everything listed is free and open-source as well.

Recommended Browsers

For More "Tech-Savvy" Users:

For Advanced users: