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I used to make small rants here, but I decided to just merge them into my YouTube videos. This page serves as an archive of my insanity.

2021-04-18: Huge update today. lots of new articles, a page for links, and an archive of old layouts (WIP)!

2021-04-16: Experienced the Fediverse today. It kind of sucks.

2021-04-12: $15,000 USD medical bill quote.

2021-04-10/2021-04-11: Finished my first experimental mixtape on saturday. Also decided to go back and look through my older stuff from when I first started making music in 2017, decided to release that as well. I am slightly hopeful for the future.

2021-03-28: It feels like a switch flicked in my head today... It is almost as if I had caught a mistake before I could make it, only to realise it is a mistake I have a habit of making, and now I am aware of it being an issue.

2021-03-24: Around 1am, I finished the steins gate movie, meaning I am completely finished with the entire franchise until I can get my hands on the spinoff VN that recently came out on Steam. What a ride.

2021-3-11: I am so shit at everything. Honestly, it tortures me constantly. I am a combination of impatience, ADD, and never being able to accomplish my goals. I genuinely hate myself. When I tell people I will never be good at anything, I always mean it. I think the one thing I was at least "decent" at, was a video game that I now no longer even play because a new developer team ruined everything I liked about it. I honestly wish I could disappear sometimes...Ahh, to hell with self pity. I'll just keep moving forward.

2021-3-8: I have been working on a new Album for a while, whilst also having a bit of an identity crisis as I have not been using my TWH identity for the project at all, leaving me to be forgetful about updates and such both here and on YouTube.

2021-2-27(/28): Happy 27th. Also, have this.

2021-2-17: The new eBay payment system is a fucking nightmare, I am never using them again. It should not be so terribly anxiety inducing just to sell my old Nintendo Switch.

2021-2-2: Ordered a second PSP today, after my first one had a bricked NAND. Guess I'll be waiting another week to play Fate/Extra... I also got back into FL Studio, making speedcore music. Unsure if I want to use this silly old "ThatWhiteHand" name to release my music though.

2021-1-26: After a night of errors out the ass, I finally distro-hopped away from Ubuntu after 8 years to Linux Mint Debian Edition. I also found a 120hz monitor at a thrift store for 3 dollars, a great start to my Mint experience. Currently, I am trying to find a good non-rgb mechanical keyboard and mouse, in an attempt to de-zoomer my desk area, which is currently only RGB because I got this stuff for free from someone else.

2021-1-25: I'm currently shopping around for CRT monitors. I'm thinking of doing an experiment, since I recently got a CRT television for my retro consoles, where I live in the 2000s for a week. This means disabling data on my phone, using Windows XP on a CRT, not using YouTube, Netflix, ect, and limiting my entertainment to DVDs and retro consoles on my CRT TV. In other news, I also might be getting a work-from-home job soon. Cool.

2021-1-23: It's 1:00 AM, and while most people are asleep, I am trying to track down a physical release of the 2006 Japan exclusive "Powerpuff Girls Z" anime. I also wrote an in-depth page about the future of game consoles on my gemini site. On top of this, I am planning to restructure the file system of this website when I wake up.

2021-1-20: Updated 2 pages: Project Gemini and Photos.

2021-1-18: Welcome to the new (and likely final) version of this site. It has been updated to be mobile friendly this time as well.

2021-1-14: I finally hit my first weight goal today, I am officially no longer obese, which I am happy about. I also started collecting for the original Xbox today, I now have copies of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

2020-12-30: I made a big mistake today and I feel fucking awful. On the bright side, I have some cool things on the way from Japan, including a physical copy of the Fate/stay night Visual Novel.

2020-12-24: Since I probably won't even bother posting here tomorrow, Merry Christmas. Here's this, straight from my BitView Channel.

2020-12-23: I got to chapter 136 of my favourite manga yesterday, where I remembered it was a romance. Needless to say, it is probably better that I don't pick a waifu from a romance manga ever again. Reality comes crashing down on you and the fictional delusions in the world around you shatter once you get to the actual romance part.

2020-12-21: Today I downloaded Line, only to remember I have nobody to talk to.

2020-12-20: I'm not looking forward to christmas this year. I simply do not wish to explain to family members how I have failed to meet their standards for yet another year. Not that I care, but the disapproval followed by the awkward rest of the day never fails to ruin my mood. I don't even know what I'm going to do once it is time to eat dinner. I don't eat anymore since I hate my body, but I know if they suspect even a thing, I'll never hear the end of it whatsoever.

2020-11-02: It's no secret that /jp/ has been flooded for months now with endless Hololive threads that reach the bump limit near instantly. This has made me start questioning whether V-tubers really fall under "otaku culture". Personally, I'm not a fan of them. The whole constant screaming and being loud thing does not quite appeal to me. I will say however, that I do occasionally watch Okayu. Her minecraft streams are usually pretty calm, and simple enough to break the language barrier. (I do know a bit of Japanese, I was learning before I went NEET.) But even then, I don't tune in very often. You see, I don't quite think that V-tubers are part of Weeaboo culture for the simple fact that, well, historically, the word "weeaboo" means someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture, which westerners sitting behind drawn models are definitely not. I do believe however that V-tubers could fall under "Otaku" culture, as an otaku is someone who has an obsession for a particular topic. This means that someone could be an otaku for games, anime, history, or yes...even V-tubers. So while I don't necessarily see the big appeal, I can say that V-tubers technically do fall under the category of otaku culture.

2020-10-25: I've decided to put my Twitter on private for personal reasons. If you still want to follow, you can mention your name in the guestbook and I'll accept your request. The downloads page has been removed from navigation, but is still available by adding /downloads.html to the address in the URL bar. I have also redone the Guestbook and About pages, changing the theme of one and the name/content of the other respectively. I hope the new additions are enjoyed.

2020-10-14: Recently I made a YouTube Video talking a bit about my life, and what lead up to me being a NEET. Almost instantly I got a small amount of views and comments from people, which tells me there is likely a desire for these kinds of stories, so I'm wondering if maybe YouTube is the thing for me. Lately I have been very into Minecraft again, so I have been playing a lot and have been updating the site less frequently, sorry about that. I'm just lost really. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything, I'm already dead to be honest. Though, maybe doing YouTube as a hobby will help with that. I just want to feel important, like I have a reason to be here. Well, such are the ramblings of a NEET. I'll be back with more updates in the future.

2020-09-09: No news today. Just wishing everyone a happy Cirno day!

2020-9-02:First of all welcome to my terrible new website. I initially made it to host a userscript I made but greasyfork decided to let it be unmarked as nsfw again so thats cool. Because this script was for 4chan, I had decided to make the website look like the old 4chan theme from 2003. In fact, what you are looking at is the original 4chan index.html file from 2003. That's right, in the source code of this page, you will find links to 4chan.net files. This news update was the original announcement that /a/ was added, but I simply changed the text. Well, I guess I will be using this as my new website. As for Ayanami Q, the project is dead. I also no longer have any connection to D*scord, and I highly advise anyone still using it to get off of it. It truly changed my life, and I'm not making that up.

2020-03-15: Amidst the coronavirus vacation, I have started work on a new project, KoVideo. This website will have a look that mimics that of the 2010 - 2011 YouTube layout. As of now, it is in extreme beta testing, but a dumbed-down sample version can be found here In the meantime, I have also been searching for a new host for Ayanami Q, which should be back up and running sometime this month!

2020-02-06: We have updated! However, it is for a rather saddening reason. The Ayanami Discord bot is (obviously) No longer being hosted. That being said, a new project is in the works, a Saber based discord bot with many more commands and moderation tools, as well as a possible minecraft server in the future. Sit tight, new things are in the works. In the meantime, feel free to keep looking around. I have also added a blog page!

2019-10-17: Welcome to my dog shit ass website. I have intentionally designed this website to look like absolute fucking shit. I wanted it to look like it was designed by a fourteen year old in the year 1996. I hope i have done a good job making it look like that, because i sure as hell can't seem to find out just what it is that makes bad websites look so charming.