Yet Another Redesign - 2020.11.30
 It seems like I am always redoing my layout after finding some sort of issue.

 After discovering an issue with this one that seems to be unfixable (I have tried for weks now), I have decided to just redesign it again. You can test it here.

 I may also try and change the theme of this website again as well. I'm not sure what I want it to be. Sorry for being away so long... I hope my American readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving as well.

P.D. AKA ThatWhiteHand
A Quick Note on "V-Tubers" - 2020.11.02
 It's no secret that /jp/ has been flooded for months now with endless Hololive threads that reach the bump limit near instantly. This has made me start questioning whether V-tubers really fall under "otaku culture".

 Personally, I'm not a fan of them. The whole constant screaming and being loud thing does not quite appeal to me. I will say however, that I do occasionally watch Okayu. Her minecraft streams are usually pretty calm, and simple enough to break the language barrier. (I do know a bit of Japanese, I was learning before I went NEET.) But even then, I don't tune in very often.

 You see, I don't quite think that V-tubers are part of Weeaboo culture for the simple fact that, well, historically, the word "weeaboo" means someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture, which westerners sitting behind drawn models are definitely not. I do believe however that V-tubers could fall under "Otaku" culture, as an otaku is someone who has an obsession for a particular topic. This means that someone could be an otaku for games, anime, history, or yes...even V-tubers. So while I don't necessarily see the big appeal, I can say that V-tubers technically do fall under the category of otaku culture.

 On another (more grim) note, the 2020 USA election is tomorrow. As someone who hates politics, professionalism, and is just here to have fun, I hope everybody stays safe. Around me, people have started boarding up buildings and such, in preparation for dark times regardless of whoever wins. Stay safe everybody.

P.D. AKA ThatWhiteHand
Go Outside - 2020.10.29
 This is supposed to be an anime/manga focused blog, I know. But recently I did something that I felt needed to be written about. I went outside.

 For most people, something like this is part of a normal day. But for people like me, a NEET, going outside is a very rare occurance. I have been inside my dark chamber of doom (aka my room) for years straight at this point, but recently something changed. It is becoming somewhat of an ongoing meme to tell people to go outside if they are like me. On various medias, I will see different pictures of weeaboos with an impact font over the image, saying things like "please, go outside". Here is an example.

 Of course, I'm not a fan of vtubers, so the example doesn't exactly apply to me. But the point is, I decided to go for a walk. The first day was awful. I had anxiety leaving my house after years, it was a hot and humid day, and there were a lot of bugs. I must have enjoyed something in that walk though, because I decided to give it another shot today, and I'm glad I did. The weather was much more cool. There was a gentle breeze in the air, and I was following what was the route I formerly took when walking to high school. Walking along that newly paved road felt very welcoming to me, like seeing an old friend after many years of not speaking. Yes, I had been indoors so long that I did not even notice that the road was paved over, a change I would have appreciated back when I was walking along a pothole filled path every day.

 As I walked, in my headphones played the song "Sugar Rush" by yandere, but all I could think about was the Fate/stay night OST Track: "Ie nu Kizuato". Seeing that beautiful pink sunset in the sky as I walked back home made me very teary eyed, and that track complimented the moment very well. Of course, that nostalgia became even more extreme when I turned to walk up to my home, through what used to be lots of woods, but was now a newly built house next door.

 Even though I still don't see myself going anywhere important in life, I have to say that walking that old path again after a long time away felt incredible. All of my problems slipped my mind, I had forgotten about the situation I was in. If anybody out there is even reading this right now, I highly encourage you to take a walk yourself. I'm sure glad that I did it, as I felt human again after years of isolation.
P.D. AKA ThatWhiteHand