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Major Updates P.D. - 2020/10/15 @ 14:44PM EST
I have been very busy all day, even as a NEET. I have been working on a completely new rework for my site, making it less of a homepage/blog and more of an all around cool website. (With less of a focus on me.) I will likely be done with it either late tonight or early tomrrow, but if you want to get an idea of what it's like, I have decided to add the new guestbook early, so feel free to stop by with the link above and say anything you'd like!

Inside the NEET Mind P.D. - 2020/10/14 @ 11:43AM EST
Recently I made a YouTube Video talking a bit about my life, and what lead up to me being a NEET. Almost instantly I got a small amount of views and comments from people, which tells me there is likely a desire for these kinds of stories, so I'm wondering if maybe YouTube is the thing for me. Lately I have been very into Minecraft again, so I have been playing a lot and have been updating the site less frequently, sorry about that. I'm just lost really. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything, I'm already dead to be honest. Though, maybe doing YouTube as a hobby will help with that. I just want to feel important, like I have a reason to be here. Well, such are the ramblings of a NEET. I'll be back with more updates in the future.

/bant/ sings Chirumiru P.D. - 2020/09/11 @ 12:25PM EST
Everyone involved had great fun with this, uploaded on Cirno day! (Obligatory cringe warning also...)

 Today is also 9/11 however, so I of course give my respects and condolences to those who lost family members and their own lives that day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy Cirno Day! P.D. - 2020/09/09 @ 12:37PM EST
No news today. Just wishing everyone a happy Cirno day!


An Experiment P.D. - 2020/09/07 @ 13:01PM EST
Being a NEET, my mind tends to wander a lot. This mostly includes "what if" scenarios, you know, things like being the star of some magical fantasy adventure, ect. But then I got an idea that could actually be helpful. I'm thinking of creating a new site to act as a resource of places where old web culture still exists. This would be not just a list of websites, but would potentially be broken down into categories, offer advice to people coding, keeping old OSes working, and more. I will likely be working on this for a few days, but I am terribly uncreative so it will be quite a bit of work. In other news, OldTube is coming along quite well, and translation from Polish to English seems to be going smoothly. Here it is working on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.7.2 Lion.


Layout Changes P.D. - 2020/09/04 @ 12:54PM EST
Small changes have been made to the layout of the site today. Here is a changelog:

  • Added Twitter feed to the sidebar
  • Added hyperlink images to the links section
  • Added hyperlink images to the about page
  • Planning new page - File Server
  • Fixed issue: images not opening when clicked

Aside from that, everything is more or less the same. Currently I'm waiting for the OldTube translation to finish, I'm excited for it to go public. Well, thats all for now.

The OldTube Project P.D. - 2020/09/03 @ 12:39PM EST

OldTube is a project being worked on by vistafan12. I was lucky enough to be invited to the private beta! OldTube is a YouTube 2012 clone that seeks to act as a sort of "safe haven" from the dystopia of the modern internet. By this, I of course mean being able to just have fun, post some old school memes, and meet new users, not to be confused with using it as a platform to get away with posting offensive content, BitChute would be your friend for something like that, I guess. For the time being, OldTube is not open to the public, and I will not be giving away the URL. (Though even if I did, it requires a passcode to enter the beta version of the site, which is also 90% written in Polish anyways.) Well, here's to hoping that the website opens soon. This is just the beginning, who knows what's in store!

A Familiar Look by P.D. - 2020/09/02 @ 0:42AM EST
First of all welcome to my terrible new website. I initially made it to host a userscript I made but greasyfork decided to let it be unmarked as nsfw again so thats cool. Because this script was for 4chan, I had decided to make the website look like the old 4chan theme from 2003. In fact, what you are looking at is the original 4chan index.html file from 2003. That's right, in the source code of this page, you will find links to files. This news update was the original announcement that /a/ was added, but I simply changed the text.  Well, I guess I will be using this as my new website. As for Ayanami Q, the project is dead. I also no longer have any connection to D*scord, and I highly advise anyone still using it to get off of it. It truly changed my life, and I'm not making that up.