I am nobody interesting. I have been into tech for a long time, and have recently
become interested in coding, so I decided to make a website from scratch. I also
plan to get better at coding my bot, so that she can do more than just basic text commands.
I live in the USA currently, but plan on moving to japan after I finish school, and hope to
live there and become a citizen and forfeit my U.S citizenship. I have been into anime for
a long time (most people associate that with me wanting to go to Japan, but I have
always admired the country) and am also studying the Japanese language. So far,
I can read Katakana perfectly, am working on hirigana and know some basic
and conversational phrases. 私の日本語わとても下手です。


Also, I have not set up a proper server for Ayanami Q yet, so don't
expect 24/7 uptime as of yet. My apologies.

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