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               Welcome to my dog shit ass website. I have intentionally designed this website to look like absolute fucking shit.
                I wanted it to look like it was designed by a fourteen year old in the year 1996.
                I hope i have done a good job making it look like that, because i sure as hell can't seem
               to find out just what it is that makes bad websites look so charming.

  [2020-03-15] Amidst the coronavirus vacation, I have started work on a new project, KoVideo. This website will
have a look that mimics that of the 2010 - 2011 YouTube layout. As of now, it is in extreme beta testing, but a
dumbed-down sample version can be found here In the meantime, I have also been searching for a new host
for Ayanami Q, which should be back up and running sometime this month!

[2020-02-06] We have updated! However, it is for a rather saddening reason. The Ayanami Discord bot is (obviously) No longer being hosted.
That being said, a new project is in the works, a Saber based discord bot with many more commands and moderation tools, as well as a possible minecraft
server in the future. Sit tight, new things are in the works. In the meantime, feel free to keep looking around. I have also added a blog page!