About This Site

This website seeks to provide written documentation on various pieces of software, as well as provide information regarding online privacy and safety. It started out on Weebly as a promotional site for my YouTube channel, but was deleted. Around 2015, I learned proper HTML in a school course, but did nothing with the knowledge. In 2019, I was feeling nostalgic and decided to try my hand at web design again, creating this website originally to host some scripts I had written. Now, it is being used as a place for sharing information. All information written here is provided free of charge in an attempt to help educate and inform the general population. Any BTC donations are extremely appreciated: 3DytpcMJxHVcHDJgNQvZAzf8GSc7vQsfB6

This site is written in Bluefish Editor. The source code is a modified version of the 4chansociety source code. The ASCII art is of Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-Sama: Love is war.

About me

I am a retro tech enthusiast who loves free/open-source software, and I'm very nostalgic for the 2000s web. My hobbies include old-school web design, making music, playing video games, and anime/manga. The TWH, as you can see from the URL of this site, is short for ThatWhiteHand. In the bigger picture, This is one of the newer identities I started using online in 2012. I have many old accounts / identities from the 2000s which while I don't use anymore, I still keep logged in on some other devices in case I ever fuck up enough to warrant deleting the TWH identity. I made the name because I was a weird fucking dork in 2012, an early teen doing Pokemon role-plays in YouTube comments as "That white hand on your shoulder" from Lavender Town in the Pokemon Gen 1 games.

Tech I Use